Thursday, July 22, 2010

Candybars, Appetizers & Men

This is actually something I wrote years ago but hadn't shared with publically, only a few friends read it and got a good laugh.

Men can easily be compared to food. They can be candy bars, appetizers, or meals; which one is relative to your man or men?


A man classified as a Snickers is a temporary fix. HUNGRY ? WHY WAIT GRAB A SNICKERS! He’s not meant to be long term but it was good while it lasted.

A mr. Goodbar is just what the name says “Good” he’s a nice dude. Good to have around at all times.

A PayDay man is only good when it’s his payday because his payday is your payday! Enough said!

There’s only one more candy bar worth mentioning and that's a, yea that’s right a Butterfinger. He’s an extreme catch. NOBODY BETTER LAY A FINGER ON MY BUTTERFINGER! No lady better even think about your butterfinger, he is hands off. Meant only for you.

Now Let’s move one to appetizers, dips and the main dish.

Men are like appetizers (dips). You know how you go to the restaurant and order chips and queso as an appetizer but you still want a meal afterwards. Well most men start off as dips. In the beginning they’re what ties you over until you are ready for a full meal.

Sometimes you eat too much and become satisfied with the dip as a meal. (In this case that was one hell of a dip)

In other cases, you may have multiple dips on the table just sampling from each but not eating enough to get full off of just any one. Dips are good and it’s always up to you to decide the fate of that dip.

On the other hand, when you have had enough of that dip you can go forward with that main dish. That’s the dish that sticks to your bones. Makes you want to slap your mama! That "Mmm good!" like Campbell soup. You would not trade that main dish for a dip any day.

BUT don’t get it twisted some days you may want some dessert!

You know you woke up in a cold sweat and made a phone call. Oops, neva mind I’ll leave that to your imagination. LOL

That’s Food and Men 101- Class is dismissed!

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